Contract Crews

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Over the years, we've assembled a formidable lineup of roofing craftsmen who understand what it takes to install a high-quality roof system quickly, safely, and on budget. Our crews are skilled at installing new roofs on new construction as well as replacing them on older buildings. From start to finish, their only goal is roofing excellence.

Service Crews

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A well-cared-for roof system is one of your most valuable assets. Our service teams are specialists at maintaining and extending the life of your roof. In addition to their years of expertise, they're equipped with state-of-the-art tools that enable them to track down problems quickly. Whether it's repairing your roof, flashing in new penetrations, or assessing the state of your roof, our experienced service personnel are here to help.

Sheet Metal Crews

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There's a reason some of the biggest companies in America keep coming back to Mid-South for their next job: we apply a great deal of care and craftsmanship to every part of their roof system. Our metal details stand the test of time because they have been designed and installed by well-trained experts in the field. Our sheet metal specialists take pride in their work and accept nothing but the best.